Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, live on stage, a group of women brought together by the miracle of childbirth.

The Bradstow Regain-Your-Shape-After-Pregnancy-Coffee-Circle!

Wonderland Theatre and Weaver Hughes Ensemble presents

It’s A Girl!

by John Burrows

4-6 May 2007 at the Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest International Theatre Festival, Romania

With: Sarah Armstrong | Margaret-Ann Bain | Marie Blount  Joanna Doyle | Avril Poole.

Director: Julia Stubbs | Designed by the Company.

In 2006, I was approached by Wonderland Theatre to re-direct their revival of John Burrows’ 1987 play It’s A Girl! Having had a successful run of the play at that year’s Edinburgh Festival, the company had been invited to take the production to Romania the following year, to participate in a festival of international theatre in Bucharest and they want to further develop the piece.

Working with the brilliant cast of actors: Sarah Armstrong, Margaret-Ann Bain, Marie Blount, Joanna Doyle, and Avril Poole, on a new version of the production for the festival, was a great first step in directing for me.

This new version of It’s A Girl! that we presented as part of the Bucharest Festival of International Theatre in May 2007 was an incredible experience.