Vince can’t let go of the past. And now he wants to record it.

He hasn’t seen his ex-girlfriend and best friend for ten years since graduation. He deals drugs but thinks only of that night years ago.

Tonight he’s going to find the truth and make them all face it.

Yaller Skunk Theatre Company presents


by Stephen Belber

6-24 April 2010 at the Old Red Lion Theatre, London

With: Tara Carrozza | Mark Curtis | Kevin Watt.

Director: Julia Stubbs | Designer: Gabriela Restelli | Lighting: Richard Williamson | Sound/Music: Damian Reynolds | Photographer: Gabriela Restelli.

I had the opportunity to collaborate again with Yaller Skunk Theatre Company, with whom I’d enjoyed great success directing the West-End transfer of In My Name when they asked me to direct a revival of Stephen Belber’s celebrated play Tape.

Seizing the chance to work on the play with the two founders of the company – Kevin Watt and Mark Curtis – taking the male roles of Vin and John respectively, we then discovered talented young American actress Tara Carrozza to play the key role of Amy.

This three-hander, charting the relationship between high school friends that plays out over a tense hour in a motel room many years later, opened at The Old Red Lion Theatre, London in April 2010.

Reviews for Tape

“The cosy Red Lion Theatre is the perfect backdrop for Julia Stubbs’ highly polished production of Tape, which invites the audience to an intimate examination of its three characters… Gabriela Restelli’s set is simple and effective… Kevin Watt (Vin) and Mark Curtis (Jon) create a tangibly tense atmosphere into which steps Tara Carrozza’s Amy in an impressive combination of charisma and vulnerability who is the emotional heart of this production.” Remotegoat

“Stephen Belber’s tense play about fraying friendships…Yaller Skunk founders Mark Curtis (Jon) and Kevin Watt (Vince) play the warring friends with bubbling machismo and Julia Stubbs’ direction sees the tit for tat banter skipping along.” Islington Gazette

“The production crams Tape’s big themes – can people change? does true forgiveness exist, and if people can change sufficiently, do we need it to? – into the intimate space that is the Old Red Lion, with explosive results.” British Theatre Guide